Bowen Theory South Florida Advanced Study and Research Seminar

Dear Advanced Bowen Theory Seminar Participants,

It was a pleasure to join with participants in our first year of the Bowen Advanced Study and Research Seminar. We were enriched by your participation as well as the contribution of Dr. Robert Noone, Dr. Dan Papero and Ms. Victoria Harrison. They added greatly to our ongoing study of Bowen theory and its many applications.

This coming year we will focus more on research based in Bowen theory.

By research we include any area of interest that you may be thinking, reading, writing or presenting from a Bowen theory perspective. It is not formal research but may become so for those who choose to do so.

What we would like to propose is selection of a research focus that can be developed and presented over three seminar meetings culminating in a more formal presentation at the fourth and final meeting.

An example of this research process might include:

1. Research question
2. Outline of research plan
3. Review of interesting research related to your area of inquiry
4. Findings and Further Questions

This is merely a suggestion and does not preclude any participant deciding on his own method of inquiry. What is important is that interest guides the research and it is relevant to you.

We will be using Dr. Robert Noone's new book, Family and Self as the main reference for the seminar this year as well as research articles that may be of interest to you. Dr. Dan Papero said, "In my opinion, this is the best book ever written about Bowen theory!"

This program is limited in size. It is designed to be ongoing for those who want to keep up with the latest developments in Bowen theory, biology and neuroscience as each relates to a deep and comprehensive understanding of the human family and other living systems. While the program is by invitation only we welcome those newcomers who have a desire to deepen their study.

The cost of the seminar is $1250 and the tentative dates are the third Saturday of October, January, March and June.

Looking forward to another year of exciting and challenging study!

Eileen Gottlieb and Jeffrey Miller