About Us

The Florida Family Research Network is an organization founded in 1995. It was established with the expressed intent of advancing the pioneering work of Murray Bowen, M.D., who dedicated his career to developing a theory of human behavior based on the natural sciences. His belief was that human behavior could be better understood by examining the emotional processes that existed in all natural systems, and in particular, the family system. Through his work and research over five decades, Dr. Bowen pioneered the development and application of family systems theory and psychotherapy. To that end, the Florida Family Research Network is dedicated to promoting the development and understanding of Bowen Family Systems Theory and Therapy to individuals, families, communities, and organizations seeking to improve and enhance the quality of relationships.

The FFRN board is comprised of members of multi-disciplined professions who have extensive post-graduate training and experience in Bowen Family Systems Theory and Therapy. All members either trained at the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., or at other recognized Bowen Theory and Therapy training programs established throughout the country.