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September 2023
Maintaining Mental Health and Well‑Being: A Bowen Theory Perspective
Thomas G. Beley, PhD, LCSW

We hear a lot about the importance of mental health. However, what exactly is mental health? Often times, by default, mental health and well-being has been referred to as the absence of a mental illness. To complicate the situation further, the literature is inundated with how to treat various “mental disorders” as well as how to reduce the specific symptoms a person may be experiencing. Read More »

May 2023
Walking For Thinking
Olivia Schläpfer Colmer, Ph.D.

I have walked more in the last year than I have walked in what seems to be a decade. 8 months ago I moved from Miami, Florida to my native country Switzerland. I am living in the mountains, surrounded by endless nature and alpine terrain. It is hard not to get outside (even when it’s cold) when there is so much to see, explore and discover. Walking is one way to do it. Read More »

June 2023
Behavior Modification: Embracing Your Caveman (How Bowen Family Systems Theory Influences This Doctor's Approach)
Lance Simkins, MD, FACC

I am a practicing physician with over 30 years of clinical experience. My interest, study and research in Bowen Family Systems Theory stems from personally experiencing how challenging yet ultimately rewarding "work on self" can be within a family system. Read More »