Board of Directors

Lance Simkins, MD, FACC

Practicing general and preventive cardiology, obesity medicine, and lipidology. Private Bowen Family Systems Coaching with a research interest in the use of the family diagram in healthy weight management.

Board Certifications:
Interventional Cardiology, Obesity Medicine, Clinical Lipidology
Internal Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, Clinical Cardiology

- Board of Directors, Advantage Health Network, ACO (2012-2020)
- Chief Wellness Officer, Florida Medical Center (2015-2018)
- Director, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, University Hosp. (1995-2001)
- Villanova University COPE Certified Health Coach
- Florida Family Systems Training Program (2018-Present)
- Florida family research network Board of Directors (2021)
- Obesity Medicine Association
- Obesity Action Coalition