Board of Directors

Eileen Gottlieb

Eileen Gottlieb has studied and applied Bowen Family Systems Theory for four decades in both her professional and personal life. It has guided her thinking about how family relationships shape lifetime and multigenerational functioning. To observe the interplay between self and family, take responsibility for one's part and do the best one can is the essence of Bowen's concept of differentiation of self.

Eileen joined the FFRN board in 1995 and has served as Education Director since 2000. She has helped plan, convene and present in yearly conferences, seminars and training programs all based in Bowen theory.

Originally training at the Georgetown Family Center from 1980 to 1983 under the direction of Dr. Murray Bowen, M.D. and his faculty, she has remained actively involved through participation in the Advanced Research Seminar, attendance and presentations at Bowen Center Annual Symposia and Spring Conferences. Eileen also represents FFRN in the Bowen Center Network Seminar.

Ms. Gottlieb, in collaboration with Jeffrey Miller created Bowen Theory South Florida in 2008, a professional level training program in Bowen theory. Since 2021, former trainees from Barry University, Nova Southeastern, St. Thomas and Albizu University have continued their studies in the Bowen Advanced Study and Research Seminar under her leadership.